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What is RMAN.COM KOI VIRUS information

  Article from JKX website (www.japankoiexpert.com). They are premier breeders & experts in the KOI industry in Japan. This article has alarmingly  interesting info  on K.H.V.

KHV IN JAPAN Posted 11 12 2003

Japan - KHV. Where do we go from here?


Unfortunately it is now official KHV or Koi Herpes Virus has been confirmed in Japan. What is most probably strange though is that at first it was not found in koi but in Magoi (Common carp) farms, these farms usually produce and grow fish for the food market and for the restocking of lakes and rivers. The virus first hit with devastating consequences in mid October, two lakes in Ibaraki - ken, north of Chiba. In a short period of time over 660 tons in one lake and 200 tons in another lake were killed by the virus.

It didn't take long for the story to hit the news in the papers and on the television. What was soon realized was that other sites were also being infected, with the source of the infection being traced back to fish coming from the lakes of Ibaraki. Soon 10 sites were confirmed to have the virus and since this others as well. The most disturbing for Niigata koi breeders is a confirmed site in Joetsu which is in the Niigata area and only one hour drive from Ojiya.

Magoi farmers were asking what was KHV and with in a short period of time rumors and miss information was abound throughout Japan. Personally for me I live and work in the Niigata region with Japan Koi eXport and Miyaishi Koi Farm and can only really talk about this region.

Two years ago I got a large group of breeders together to talk about KHV, at the time I felt nobody took me or what I was talking about seriously, the breeders felt that it was something happening to someone else, somewhere else and would not effect them, in the last two weeks all that has changed and I am now being asked daily about what to do. I also know that the virus takes no hostages; I also know from personal experiences that the rumors can do more damage than the truth.

I am receiving e-mails daily about this and at present things here within Japan are changing daily. The ZNA Show in November in Ojiya was cancelled as a precautionary measure. All breeders in Niigata have gone to get their fish checked for KHV. Thailand and Taiwan have stopped imports of Japanese koi to their countries. New health papers are being issued to accompany exports from Japan from the Niigata region. And at the time of writing The All Japan Koi Show in Tokyo has been cancelled in January 2004.

One thing is for sure KHV is now here in Japan and it is still too early to say what the long term effects of this will be. Here in Niigata temperatures are falling but within fish houses temperatures are kept high. So far to my knowledge no koi breeder in Niigata has been effected with KHV and hopefully with good fish husbandry this can stay this way. Breeders are taking their own precautions already and knowing the breeders as I do they will do everything in their power to protect their stocks and keep their fish healthy.


This year we started JKX , Japan Koi Export, this was a joint arrangement with many of the leading breeders here in Niigata, to promote koi from this area, it would seem now that there has never been a better time for us all to get together and fight this head on. Just imagine if KHV did get into koi breeders and kill their fish it could destroy our hobby and industry and set back the breeders over 100 years of bloodlines and breeding. Another sure thing is that the way the business is done will change as well. In future the mixing of stocks from many farms by wholesalers or agents or exporters must stop. When buying your koi here in Japan you must have a much better knowledge about the breeder and the way he runs his business and protects his fish.


I have also been told that fish medical drug company's are already looking closely at seeing if a vaccine can be made, here in Japan Nishikigoi is looked on as a huge national and international business and if a vaccine can be found this would be a very profitable market for them.


Personally I feel that the Japanese koi industry will go on. KHV is around the world and other countries continue to produce and sell koi. As long as we take all the necessary steps tonot hide from this and deal with it , we just might come out the other side being better off.I dare say there will be 1000's of words and lines now dedicated to this, I hope we will all deal with the facts and not just get confused behind rumors and miss information.

All Japan Show cancelled Posted 7 12- 2003

It has now been reported that the show will be cancelled this January. Although a meeting is taking place on the 11th December to decide what will take place by Shinkokai instead as the venue has already been booked and paid for. Shinkokai wish something to take place at this time. As soon as we know we will put it on this board.



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